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Your Equal Partner: Helping you build Strategic HR and Inclusion Solutions

At Ardhica, we are all about working flexibly and in partnership with you.
Bespoke, authentic, different, brave and innovative strategic solution design is what we do well.
Our services include tactical HR, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion advisory, strategic solution development and consultancy with one to one mentoring for leaders and HR practitioners.

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Discover how we can help you


Sound check before you act

As HR practitioners, managers and leaders, you may not always be sure of a tactical course of action especially when dealing with equity creation, inclusion and diversity management issues. Our professional expertise and lived experience can help you safely sound out and get advice on situations, case studies and problems so that you can evaluate what the best decision might be for you and your organisation. Advisory - tactical, operational or strategic can help you avoid pitfalls and consider alternative perspectives and different solutions that may not be available from within, especially if your leadership and HR teams are lacking in diversity and international, multicultural experience.


Expert Guidance

Better understanding exclusion is a critical route to fixing for inclusion. We can help you build strategic diversity, equity and inclusion solutions to improve employee experience and engagement. These could range from collaborative ideating, exclusion mapping and reviewing where you are leading to developing a strategic action plan for where you need to go. It could also include audit, review and redesign of systemic processes, procedures and policies to address exclusionary barriers to inclusive, fair and compliant practice because anything else is damaging and traumatic for those who suffer inequality as a result.


Learn and Develop Safely

In order to help others, first you must be self-aware and constantly developing your own inclusion, equity and diversity knowledge. If you are a leader or an HR practitioner, you may not always have safe and brave spaces to do so. Direct 1:1 Mentoring for Leaders and HR folk is an option especially for those who lack a diverse background, are new on their inclusion journey, are uncomfortable with inclusion and lack exposure. Mentoring sessions help increase self-awareness and improve your HR and inclusion practice.

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