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"Sabah is a true business partner that really is driven to support the business managers within the often restricting policies of the HR organisation. she is one of the few with the ability to constructively deliver the messages that need to be delivered, but always willing to find solutions that work on both the individual level as well as on the company. it is a fine balance as business partner to walk but Sabah can walk that balance very well." - DAVID SEBEL/ HEAD OF COMMERCIAL


"I had the pleasure to work with Sabah one strategic OSS program. To sum up, Sabah was one of the factor that help to make this program a team achievement and a client success. Sabah is a very professional HR individual. Focused on solving challenging situations, she takes the initiative going the extra mile every time. She was our champion in smoothing any admin process issue affecting resourcing. I recommend Sabah to any company that look for both professional dedication and great individual." - NASREDDIN HOUARI / IT & STRATEGIC TRANSFORMATION LEADER


"I worked with Sabah at Atkins and found her to be a reliable and caring member of the HR team. She was always professional and took time to get to know people. Sabah would always be an asset in any team." - MARK WARRINGTON / SENIOR HSE MANAGER

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