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ARDHICA Consulting


Your Equal Partner

Ardhica Consulting offers you comprehensive solutions backed by deep industry knowledge that can help you solve the most complex HR & Inclusion issues you and your organisation may be dealing with.

Created by Sabah Holmes, Ardhica supports clients develop practical and sustainable solutions that help them grow and succeed at their own pace minus the guilt.

Too often consultants only provide high-level light touch solutions just enough to make money on a project. Sabah believes in doing the right thing, efficiently and creatively - this is her work ethos. Flexible on budget, time invested and driven to create mutual win-win quality solutions, she is a consultant with a difference - authentic and generous, candidly saying and doing what is in her client's best interests.

With over 18 years of experience in international and multicultural HR, inclusive practice and solution design - ARDHICA helps clients convert strategy into action through empathy, advisory and mentoring. Let us help you create practical, sustainable solutions.

Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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Sabah Holmes is a seasoned HR and Inclusion strategist, mentor and consultant, with almost two decades of professional and lived experience gained in the UK, UAE, US and India. Sabah has strategic advisory, coaching, and mentoring expertise and certifications across HR, race equity and inclusion in a variety of sectors and industries, public and private: aviation, telecommunications, advertising, media, engineering, and higher education. She is currently managing 2021/22 race equity commitments for a London University as well as strategic advisory, mentoring and solution design projects for clients in private care, arts and various other industry sectors.

She has led high profile multi-national projects from higher headquarters to local level involving change management and communication, inclusion, diversity, equity analysis, equality policy development & implementation, organisational restructuring, process and system design, compliance, audit, QA assessments and interventions, and HR transformation. In her leadership advisory roles, Sabah has successfully guided leaders on strategic and tactical solutions to complex problems, knowledge development and on how to convert strategy into equitable and inclusive practices and policies.

Sabah has a Masters of Arts in Human Resources Management from Newcastle University Business School, Bachelors of Arts (Honours) in Economics and Sociology from Durham University, is CIPD qualified, and has certifications in Racial Equity Literacy facilitation, Mentoring and Coaching, and is a Certified Trainer and Coach of the 4 Stages of Psychological Safety framework.

What Makes Me Different?

As a global citizen and forever expat, living and working internationally, being different and excluded in several spaces and identities - everyday - gives me a unique perspective on problem-solving, HR practice, inclusion and belonging.

Lived experience combined with nearly two decades of professional HR expertise helps me deliver creative, culturally intelligent and practical solutions.

Supporting institutions and communities with resolutions to their Inclusion & People Management challenges is my passion.​ Read on and find out how you get more value for money by working with me and Ardhica.

Born in India, Growing up - living and working in Dubai/ India, educated in both Dubai and the UK and now working and living in England gives me quite a unique perspective that can help leaders and organisations in equally unique ways.

Read recommendations from some of the wonderful people i've supported and learn more about me from my Linkedin profile.

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Ardhica works collaboratively with like-minded independent consultants who are experts in their fields. This gives clients access to senior and experienced international consultants with varied skillsets for different project aspects.

Our consultants are based across the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

This helps us deliver unique solutions to systemic inequity issues through strategic & leadership inclusion workshops, advisory, mentoring and consultancy.

Focus on: Military, Schools, Universities, Medical Institutions and Third Sector, Airlines and Telecommunications Organisations.

As a natural strategist, Sabah Holmes fuels Ardhica's approach by using her international and expat lived experience to help leaders and organisations understand:

- How it feels to be excluded.

- Why inclusive work/ community cultures, processes and practices matter.

- How they interact and why inclusive non-traditional thinking and approaches are critical to creating meaningful change.

Get in touch to find out how Ardhica and our collective of expert consultants can help you.

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